About Arth


Arth is an aspiring and professional artist with a great passion for tattooing.

Always interested in art, he started to pursue a career in tattooing in 2009. He strives to create and tattoo custom pieces, which encourages a very positive experience for the clients. This allows him to exercise creativity and grow a collection of original art.

He enjoys working with many mediums aside from tattooing which enables him to develop as a well-rounded artist.

He has experience with many tattoo styles, such as traditional Japanese, stippling works, Polynesian, new school and black and grey. Though, he makes a constant effort to specialise in all tattoo styles. He believes, he can never stop growing and increasing his skills as an artist.

“Inactivity leads to laziness in ones art. Therefore, I strive to actively seek out any and all opportunities to better my skills as a tattoo artist”