Hair Replacement

Crowing Glory

We are delighted to offer you our new amazing hair replacement service!

We are fully accredited hair loss specialists specialising in a unique mesh & meshless integration systems. These are a permanent systems that can last up to 12 months. These systems are designed to fit comfortably on top of your existing hair secured with silicone line micro rings. Master partings are then attached to the mesh system to create a discreet and very real looking head of hair.

All our hair is 100% human hair. The hair can be treated like your natural hair, styled, washed, straightened and curled.

We do not alter your hair in anyway, so no cutting, shaving, glueing or taping and all our systems do not compromise your existing hair.

Did you know? 👇🏽

40% of women will experience hair loss during the menopause including, balding, brittle locks, and thinning.

Hair loss around the menopause is likely to be caused by changing hormone levels – and your body producing less oestrogen and progesterone. These two hormones keep your hair healthy, making it grow faster and helping it stay on your head longer.

We know how much hair loss can affect your confidence which is why our hair replacement system is the perfect solution.

During our free & discreet hair loss consultations we can assess the current state of your hair and discuss options with you to aid your hair concerns. ❤️

We offer multiple systems with bespoke hair fittings to suit your specific needs.   Suitable for clients experiencing hair loss, shedding, covid hair, alopecia, post chemo.  

Refit of hair replacement system and custom coloured

Hair replacement system