KeraStraight treatments transform hair, leaving it revitalised, repaired and looking gorgeous.

The unique combinations of award-winning proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers deliver unrivalled performance.

Whether you’re looking to grow your hair, save time when styling or smooth out the curl, KeraStraight has the perfect solution to all your hair needs.

Is your hair Dry, Damaged, Curly, Wavy, Frizzy, Too Thick, Takes Too Long

... or all of the above

One application of our award winning KeraStraight treatment is a perfect solution for everyone who finds their hair hard to manage, dry & damaged or too time consuming.

KeraStraight's mission is to develop the innovations that push the industry forward, and give hairdressers the treatments, products and tools necessary to unlock beautiful hair.

Using advanced protein technology, KeraStraight is a game changer, transforming the shape and condition of all hair types.

The unique combination of low pH proteins will renew dry, damaged and weak hair, transforming it completely into healthy, straighter and stronger hair that both looks and feels amazing. These incredible repairing agents rebuild the hair with added elasticity, strength, vitality and shine providing a smooth, soft and straighter finish that lasts for up to 4 months, gradually fading from the hair. This innovative treatment will give you the hair you’ve always wanted.

Ask us today about how KeraStraight can deliver Gorgeous Made Easy for you.
Kerastraight Philosophy
We believe that everyone is entitled to the hair they desire, the hair that truly matches their look and lifestyle, and ultimately hair that makes them feel great.

From our restorative full KS Ultimate treatment to our care and styling products, each and every product in the range is designed to transform hair into something to be proud of. Every single person in our journey counts: from our worldwide ambassadors to our in-salon experts, and especially our salon’s clients who are looking to rediscover their hair’s potential. To all, we offer our expertise, our innovation, and our passion for stunning, easy to manage hair.
Why KeraStraight
Suitable for all hair types

Straightens & repairs simultaneously

Eliminates frizz

Strengthens hair, to the very last tip

Humidity resistant

Formaldehyde free
Before & After
KeraStraight then Beauty Works extensions
Before & After
Before & After